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How to Update Account Information in the Intel® Retail Edge Program


Instructions on how to update or edit Retail Sales Professional (RSP) account information

  • Unable to modify account information in the Intel® Retail Edge Program.
  • Can the Membership Enrollment date to the Intel® Retail Edge Program be modified?
  • Need to know if the account progress and chips be affected if they change their email address.

Per the Terms & Conditions that govern the Program: After two years (730 days), inactive accounts may be purged. Please note that in order to keep one's Intel Retail Edge account active you must take training and other requirements. Additionally, our team is unable to modify a Program member’s account.

To edit account profile, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Intel® Retail Edge Program website.
  2. Click the hamburger menu button (three lines) at the upper-right side of the page.
  3. Under the My Profile category, select Edit Profile.
  4. Edit the profile information desired, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

For any uneditable information on the account, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance and provide the following details:

  • Profile Information to be updated
  • Reason/Justification for request
Additional information

Prime changes to the account such as profile name, country or retailer needs to be facilitated by our team.