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Why Am I Unable to Purchase a Specific Store Item from the Intel® Retail Edge Program?


Purchase Limit Policy for Store items in the Intel® Retail Edge Program


Unable to purchase a Store item from the Intel® Retail Edge program


The Store is open to Apprentices, Masters, and Legends. Novices are not eligible to purchase items from the Store. Visit the status level page for details on how to move up in Status Level. Make sure that the verification status is also current by verifying your employment through the verification page.

Offers, merchandise, and premium items are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and only while supplies last. Merchandise in the Rewards Store is subject to availability. While some items can be purchased every 30 days, there are also items that can only be purchased once or when a Member meets the qualifications.

To check the limitation of an item, go to the Intel Retail Edge Program Store and select the desired item for purchase to view the details and limitations. For more information on product limitations, visit the Intel Retail Edge Program's Terms and Conditions.

For any concern regarding Store item limitations, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

Users can only purchase one item under the 30-day category every 30 days. If users already purchased a 30-day-tagged item, they can only purchase another 30-day-tagged item after 30 days, regardless if the item has been recently purchased or not. As long as a 30-day-tagged item was purchased, users cannot purchase another item within this category until 30 days have passed.