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Can an Order in Intel® Retail Edge Program Be Canceled?


Cancellation policy for purchased items in the Intel® Retail Edge Program


Unable to cancel an order placed in the Intel® Retail Edge Program store


Unfortunately, orders cannot be cancelled. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions under Rewards category.

The Program includes a No Refund policy. Exchanges are only given if the wrong item was shipped, or the product was defective, and a replacement is available. Sponsor is not responsible for defective items. Customary manufacturer warranties may be provided and should be exercised with the manufacturer in the case of defective items. If the received purchased items are defective or incorrect, check How to return incorrect or defective items purchased from Intel® Retail Edge Program for more information.


For any concern regarding order cancellation, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

The Intel® Retail Edge Program offers merchandise in the Rewards Store that Members can purchase using Chips. Below are some guidelines for purchasing an order:

  • Shipping and taxes for items in the Rewards Store, Auctions, and Drawings throughout the US and Canada are paid for by Sponsor as a part of the Program benefits.
  • Shipping, taxes, and any duties or fees for a Purchase Program will be paid for by the Member making the purchase.
  • Members will have access to tracking information and order history through the Rewards Store and Auctions.