Article ID: 000091079 Content Type: Maintenance & Performance Last Reviewed: 03/09/2023

BSOD Occurs When Running a Speed Test with Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Adapters on HP Z840 Workstation


Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Recommendations for BSOD when running speed test


When running a speed test on I210AT and I218LM on HP Z840 Workstation under Windows 10 and it goes faster than 700 Mbps, the system encounters BSOD saying there was a problem with NETIO.SYS. The issue doesn't happen when the speed is lower.

  • Follow the Clean Driver Installation Guide for Intel® Ethernet Connections then test both HP and Intel driver.
  • Try the inbox driver for Windows® 10 without Intel® PROSet software installed.
  • Ensure that Speed & Duplex settings on Advanced tab property of the Intel® Ethernet Controller is set to Auto Negotiation.
  • Lower the value or turn off interrupt moderation as this is best for handling many small packets so the driver is more responsive to incoming and outgoing packets.
  • Disable other Ethernet connection features on Advanced Properties of the Ethernet such as offloading, Energy Efficient Ethernet, and flow control.
  • Try turning off of uninstalling the third party Antivirus (if there is any) and use the inbox Windows* antivirus (Windows Defender) for isolation.
  • Try to change the LAN cable (Cat5e or higher) for isolation as the issue only happens on higher speed.
  • Update the system's firmware to latest. Coordinate with HP support for the version and proper procedure.

If issue still persist, contact Microsoft or System Manufacturer for further checking and to provide other Windows utility or procedure how to diagnose and resolve driver related issues.