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Why Did My Member Status Level in Intel® Retail Edge Program Change?


Explains the different status level requirements and why an account's status level will change.

  • Unable to determine why an account's status level changed.
  • Requesting to reinstate status level that was downgraded due to incomplete requirements.
  • Requesting to transfer the credits to the previous month as the trainings took at the end of the month was completed on a different timezone which is accounted for the next month.

Membership Status Level may change due to inability to meet the criteria or requirements. Make sure that the employment verification is current.

As stated in the Intel® Retail Edge Program's Terms and Conditions, Member Status Levels are offered to show progress in the Program. Each Status Level has monthly activity requirements, beginning on the first day of each month at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

The Sponsor may change Status Level criteria at any time at the Sponsor’s discretion. See full details including Status Level benefits and Status Level qualifications, including both how to earn and maintain Status.

For any issue, discrepancy, or dispute regarding your Member Status Level, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.

Additional information

For Legend users that were downgraded for missing a requirement, the program provides consideration to reinstate the Legend status level on a case-to-case basis without having to wait an entire year. Go to article Will I Lose my Legend Status if I Missed a Requirement for the Intel® Retail Edge Program? for more details.