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How to Check Motherboard PCI Express (PCIe) Version


Steps to determine which PCI Express (PCIe) version is supported by your motherboard


How do I check which PCIe version is supported by my motherboard?


Method 1: Search for Specifications Online

  1. Identify the motherboard make and model
    • Press on the Windows key Windows key on your keyboard and start typing System, choose System Information. The motherboard make and model will show under BaseBoard Manufacturer and BaseBoard Product.
  2. Enter the motherboard make and model number (identified in step 1) into your search engine.
  3. Find the computer manufacturer site or specification sheet for your motherboard and identify the supported PCIe generation on the website or specification sheet.

Method 2: Manual identification

  1. Check the user guide or technical manual that was provided with the packaging of your motherboard.

If you are unable to find specifications for your motherboard, contact the system manufacturer  for support.

NoteEvery generation of PCIe is backwards compatible. However, performance will be limited to the specifications of the lowest of the two versions.

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