Reason for Receiving an Email Stating "Action Required To Complete Setup Of Your Account"


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If you are an Intel® Partner Alliance member, you may have received an email with one of the following subject lines:

  • Action Required to Complete Setup of your Account
  • Last Reminder: your account setup is not yet complete
  • Complete Your Account Setup to Access Full Partner Benefits

This is connected to an ongoing data quality effort, and it indicates we have some missing information in our systems.

  • Generally this indicates we don't have a company URL on file, or are unable to validate your business name, address, or other credentials.
  • The email you receive will specify which information is missing, and instruct you to contact our Customer Support team with this information.
  • Please provide the information requested, and indicate this is related to the Action Required to Complete Setup of Your Account email.
  • Once this information is received, our operations team will update your account information and ensure you have unlocked all the program benefits available to you.

An example of the email being sent:

example email