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Is Getting a Warning Event: Pwr Unit Redund Reports Lead to a Possible Faulty PSU?


Replacing the faulty PSU can solve the power event entries on the logs

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When the suspected faulty PSU is connected, beeping occurs.

Tried using the new power cord and re-seated the PSU in a different slot however, when the faulty PSU is removed, no beeping, and the server is powered on correctly. 

Only when the faulty PSU is inserted the server will not boot.

Tried a second working PSU in any of the slots and the server works fine.

Reviewed Sysinfo logs and found multiple power event entries;

Power Unit, Pwr Unit Redund (#0x2) Warning event: Pwr Unit Redund reports Redundancy Lost: Entered any non-redundant state, including Nonredundant: Insufficient Resources.

Power Unit, Pwr Unit Redund (#0x2) Warning event: Pwr Unit Redund reports Non-redundant: Sufficient Resources from Insufficient Resources, the unit has regained the minimum amount of resources needed for normal operation.;

Power Supply, PS2 Status (#0x51) Warning event: PS2 Status reports the power supply's input (AC/DC) has been lost.


Replacing the faulty PSU solved the beeping issues and power event entries and the server is powered on correctly.

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