TA-1176: Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SSL Certificate and Private Key Loaded on the System May Be Replaced When Upgrading BMC Firmware to Version 2.86.2da97d3f





When upgrading the system’s baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware to version 2.86.2da97d3f, the BMC SSL certificate and the private key may be replaced by an Intel self-signed certificate if the previous loaded certificate uses a private key from a file with .key extension. In this case, the BMC reboot cycle takes longer and the event entry is logged into the system event log (SEL) as “Reserved SSL Certificates reset – Asserted”.
Additionally, in the BMC version 2.86.2da97d3f, when trying to upload a private key file with the extension .key via Integrated BMC EWS > New Private Key option > Choose File button, a caution pop-up window is displayed with the message: “Please select a Private key file that is PEM type”

This Technical Advisory documents the product affected, the detailed description, root cause, and corrective action/resolution.

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Date: March 2022

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