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Can't Access Intel® Partner University Website


Intel® Partner University


Troubleshooting steps for Intel® Partner University login issues

  • I cannot access Intel® Partner University
  • I cannot access a training course or competency

Partner University is a benefit of the Intel® Partner Alliance program.
You must be registered and active in the program to access training and competencies in the University.

Step One
Confirm you are registered and active in the program.  Visit the Intel Partner Alliance homepage.  If you are able to login, then continue with Step Two.

If you are unable to log in to the Partner Alliance site, that indicates you are not enrolled in the program or there is an issue with your credentials.
Reference to the guide How to Join the Intel® Partner Alliance Program.

If you are already a member of Intel Partner Alliance, or recently registered for the program, contact Intel Customer Support for assistance.

Step Two
Confirm your intel Partner University profile is active.
We recently migrated to a new learning platform, and it requires all users to accept the terms and conditions and set their preferences before they can access training.

To do this, go to the home page of Intel Partner University
On your first visit to the home page, follow the prompts to create your profile, set your language preference, and other settings.
It is important to allow the system a few minutes to activate your profile, so you can take the opportunity to browse the site and tour the new features.

If you have followed these instructions and are still having access issues, contact Intel Customer Support for assistance.

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