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When Will Intel® Products Be Marked with the United Kingdom’s Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Mark?


Timeline guidance for transition on UKCA marking and UK Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for Intel® products.

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  • Will Intel products have the UKCA mark?
  • When will Intel include the UKCA mark in their products?

Applicable Intel® products manufactured after January 1, 2022 will be marked with UKCA mark (that is, products requiring CE mark will also be marked with UKCA mark). Warehouse stock of Intel products shipping through December 31, 2024 may contain a mix (with or without UKCA mark) until inventory is depleted, including warranty replacement stock.

  • Products nearing end of life may not be included in the transition, which should be evident by the lack of UK content on the DoC.
  • Intel applies both UKCA and CE marks, so the UKNI mark for Northern Ireland is not needed.
  • For products, including retail components (such as Intel® Boxed Processor), where the small size or shape prohibits the space needed to individually mark with UKCA marking, the UKCA marking will be on the smallest unit packaging or accompanying documentation. Electronic documentation of UK declarations can be found in the Declaration of Conformity.
Additional information

On August 1, 2023, the United Kingdom announced an extension to accept CE marked products (see more details) for 18 regulations indefinitely. While this announcement focused on regulations covered by the Department of Business and Trade, it set expectations other departments would follow suit. As of January 24, 2024, the United Kingdom has further expanded CE marking acceptance in lieu of UKCA marking to 21 regulations (see more details) including regulations from the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This notice also includes digital labeling reforms (e-labeling), allowing manufacturers to provide regulatory information, including marking, and documentation electronically.

Pursuant to the guidance from the UK government, titled Using the UK marking updated on January 24, 2024, products in scope of these 21 regulations, can continue to utilize EU requirements, including CE marking, thus allowing manufacturers to use either UKCA or CE marking for products being sold in the United Kingdom.

In an effort to support our customer’s supply chain management stock inventories and UK import requirements, for supported products the Intel Declaration of Conformity (DoC) now includes both UK (UKCA) and EU (CE) content, including the Intel UK Single Place of Contact address:  Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd., Attn: Corp Quality, Pipers Way, Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 1RJ, UK.

Customers who want to apply UKCA mark to Intel products must contact Intel. Any marking must be pre-approved by Intel before labeling. The customer (importer) is ultimately responsible for applied UKCA marking in accordance with applicable UK Statutory Instruments.

  • Intel has taken the necessary steps to mark our applicable products with the UKCA marking before the transition deadline.
  • Intel does not provide DoC documentation for pre-release products, engineering samples or non-revenue products.
  • Intel does not support products in retired status as these parts are not active, no longer being manufactured, or purchased, and no inventory is available.
  • Batteries and Power Supply Units (PSU) are not manufactured by Intel. They are owned by the original design manufacturers (ODMs).

Other UK governmental regulations

The UK governmental guidance has been updated which identifies the 21 UK legislation (that is, Statutory Instruments) that corresponds to the existing EU legislation. The most relevant to Intel products where CE marking is accepted are: 

  • The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016  (S.I. 2016 No. 1091)
  • The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 (S.I. 2016 No. 1101)
  • The Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 (S.I. 2017 No. 1206)
  • The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2012 (S.I. 2012 No. 3032, and amendments, see more details here)
  • Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2010 (S.I. 2010 No. 2617), and amendments, see more details here).

The UK government has also provided a list of designated standards for the relevant UK Statutory Instruments which utilize European Union harmonized standards (using CENELEC European Norms or EN standards).