Intel® NUC Products Compatible with Windows 11*





On October 5th the Windows 11* operating system became generally available for upgrade. The table below shows Intel® NUC products eligibility for a free upgrade and compatibility with Windows 11.

Product Category Product Name Eligible for Windows 11 Upgrade Compatible1 with Windows 11
Intel® NUCs All Intel® NUC Products 12th Generation and Later Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Extreme Kit - NUC11BTMi[x] Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Enthusiast - NUC11PHKi7Cx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Performance - NUC11PAx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Pro Kit NUC11TNx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 10 Performance - NUC10i[x]FNx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Kit - NUC9i[x]QNX
Intel® NUC 9 Pro Kit - NUC9V[x]QNX
Yes Yes
Intel® NUC NUC8i[x]BEx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7HVK, NUC8i7HNK Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 8 Pro Kit NUC8[x]PNx Yes Yes
Intel® NUC NUC7i[x]DNKE Yes Yes
Intel® NUC Kit NUC7[x]JYH Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 8 Rugged Kit NUC8CCHKRx No No
Intel® NUC Laptops Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Laptop Kit LAPQC71x Yes Yes
Intel® NUC M15 Laptop Kit LAPBC[x]1x Yes Yes
Intel® NUC X15 Laptop Kit LAPKC[x]1x Yes Yes
Intel® NUC Compute Elements All Intel® Compute Elements 12th Generation and later Yes Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Compute Element CM11EBx Yes2 Yes
Intel® NUC 11 Extreme Compute Element - NUC11DBBix Yes2 Yes
Intel® NUC P14E Laptop Element - CMCN1CC Yes2 Yes
Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element - NUC9i[x]QNB
Intel® NUC 9 Pro Compute Element - NUC9V[x]QNB
Yes2 Yes
Intel® NUC 8 Compute Element CM8[x]CB Yes2 Yes

1 The term "Compatible" here means that you can perform a clean installation of Windows 11 from the operating system image and use Windows 10 and/or Windows 11 drivers on these NUC products.
2 These Intel® NUC Compute Elements are eligible for a Windows 11 Upgrade if the full system meets minimum hardware requirement for the upgrade.


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