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What Email Confirmations Should I Expect When Submitting a Warranty Request, and What if I Don't Get Them?


Automated emails and the order in which they are sent, depending on the type of warranty request submitted.


Email confirmations and reminders for warranty requests.


Intel’s order management system is designed to automatically send confirmation emails to the email address of the warranty requestor after the case is successfully submitted.  At that time the system provides an 8-digit case number.

If the return request was created in the Warranty Request Portal offered to Intel® Partner Alliance members, these notifications will be posted within the online case. 

Standard Warranty Request (SWR) receives these notifications in this order:

  • Case Confirmation (order has been created)
  • Product Received Confirmation
  • Ship Confirmation (contains tracking information)


  • Case Confirmation (order has been created)
  • Reminder to Return Your Defective Product (occurs 30 days from case confirmation date)
  • Case Cancellation Notification (If the product has not been received within 60 days of case confirmation date)

Advanced Warranty Request (AWR) receives these notifications in this order:

  • Case Confirmation (order has been created)
  • Ship Confirmation (contains tracking information)
  • Reminder to Return Your Defective Product (occurs at days 15, 30, and 60 ship confirmation date. For other account implications, see Terms and Conditions, Section 3)
  • Product Received Confirmation

If notifications are missing:

  1. Check your system for an email from Intel Customer Support sent by
  2. Check your mailbox settings as email may be in spam or junk folders
  3. Verify that the requestor’s email address is correct in the warranty request form or in your interactions with the Intel warranty representative.

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