How to find the Discontinuance Date of Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters that are End of Life


Product Information & Documentation



When the Intel® Ethernet Adapter is no longer shipping but technical support is available, the status of this product is Discontinued, which can be found in the product page under Status

The date in which the product is discontinued is called Discontinuance Date.

Find the Discontinuance Date using PCN (Product Change Notice) link in the product page

    1. Enter the Intel Ethernet Adapter model on the search box of Product Specification Page (ARK).
    2. Check the status of the product under Essentials / Status, which should be Discontinued:

      example image

    3. Click Ordering and Compliance.

      example image

    4. The discontinued product should have the status Retired or Discontinued.

      example image

    5. Scroll down to the PCN/MDDS Information.
    6. Click the PCN link.

      example image

    7. Product Discontinuance will be under Key Characteristics In the QDMS Database.
    8. Click the PCN Number hyperlink in the search results area to open a copy of the PCN document.

      example image

    Visual representation: Find Discontinuance date using PCN (Product Change Notice) link in product page (ARK).

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