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Why is the Intel® RAID Controller in the Mass Storage Controller Configuration BIOS menu Greyed out?


Information on why the Intel® RAID Controller is greyed out and how to configure it


Cannot configure the Intel® RAID Controller as it is greyed out in the BIOS menu under Mass Storage Controller Configuration -> Intel® Storage Module.

example image


This is by design. The Intel® Storage Module field in this screen just shows which Intel® RAID/Storage Module (Mezzanine form factor) is installed on the system.

Steps to configure this controller depend on the type of the controller and boot mode (UEFI or legacy) the system is configured to. Refer to Configuring your Intel® RAID Product in Pre-boot Environment on Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems for detailed steps.

Additional information

Intel RAID/Storage Controllers in PCIe* add-in card form factor do not show in the Mass Storage Controller Configuration screen.



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