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What Is a Blob, and How Do I Extract Detection Data from a Blob?


Where to find information on the definition, properties, and usage of blobs


Unable to determine how to use a blob with the inference engine in the OpenVINO™ toolkit.

  1. Blob is a bunch of data. In other machine learning frameworks, this is generally called a tensor, or a multi-dimensional array.
  2. SetBlob()  is used to tell input/output data to infer.  SetBlob() can be added to set additional input data, as it has the capability to perform resizing for the input that has been configured as resizable.
  3. Blob output size depends on the size of the .bin file. Blob output is large if the size of the .bin file is large.
Additional information

Refer to Blob Documentation for more information on blob.

Refer to Integrate the Inference Engine with Your Application for a high-level description of the process of integrating the Inference Engine into your application.

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