Using PCIe* Interposer Riser Card Supported on Intel® Server System M50CYP1UR Family


Install & Setup



Server board for 1U Intel® Server System M50CYP1UR comes with an Interposer Slot located near OCP Adapter area. This slot can be used to install the PCIe* Interposer Riser card.

PCIe Interposer Riser card is designed to provide additional add-in card support for the server system. Riser card has one PCIe add-in card(x8 electrical, x8 mechanical) and one x8 PCIe NVMe SlimSAS* connector.

The PCIe Interposer card functionality depends on the PCIe NVMe riser card in Riser Slot# 2. To use the interposer card, the PCIe NVMe SlimSAS connector from Interposer card must be connected to the SlimSAS connector on the PCIe* NVMe Riser card using PCIe interposer cable included in CYP1URISER2KIT.


SlimSAS* connector on the PCIe* NVMe Riser card only supports PCIe interposer cable. This connector cannot be used for drive bay connectivity.

example image

CYP1URISER2KIT contains:

  • PCIe Interposer riser card
  • PCIe NVMe riser card
  • PCIe interposer cable

PCIe* cable must not be fully inserted to the cable clip to ensure cable does not pull the riser card. Place the cable at the mouth of the clip as shown in picture below.

example image