Unable to Boot my Intel® W480 Chipset-based Motherboards with Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processors






Intel® W480 Chipset-based motherboards may not boot with Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Processors.

The Intel® W480 Chipset are designed to be compatible with Intel® Xeon® W-1200 Processors and forthcoming Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processors. In addition, 10th Generation and 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors are also compatible to Intel® W480 Chipset Boards. One key component to maintaining this broad platform compatibility and enabling processor innovations is the motherboard BIOS.

The Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processors  will contain innovations that may require BIOS update to existing Intel® Xeon® W-1300 capable motherboards to boot. Affected configurations are combinations of any Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processor paired with an existing motherboard based on Intel® W480 Chipset.



BIOS updates required for Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processors compatibility are available from motherboard manufacturers. Refer to the links below or contact your motherboard manufacturers for more details on BIOS updates availability and motherboard compatibility.



Update the BIOS on your Intel® W480 Chipset-based motherboards for compatibility with Intel® Xeon® W-1300 Workstation Processors.

Refer to the links below or contact your motherboard manufacturer directly for BIOS updates and further information.

Note this list does not include all motherboard manufacturers. If you do not see your motherboard manufacturer listed here, contact them directly.

If you need further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.