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Where to Locate the Management Information Base (MIB) Files?


Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family

OS Independent family


MIB files location


Unable to get the MIB, receive SNMP traps from BMC and interpretes the information is required.


The Management Information Base (MIB) files can be located in the System Update Package (SUP) of each server board

This information can be verified on the Intel® Simple Network Management Protocol (Intel® SNMP) Subagent User Guide under the Installation and Configuration section User Guides for Intel® SNMP Subagent

MIB File Location On Linux* Operating System: 

After the Intel® SNMP Subagent is installed on the server, the MIB files (basebrd7_v5.mib will be located in /usr/share/snmp/mibs and /usr/local/snmpsa/mibs on Red Hat Linux* and similar locations on SuSE Linux*. In order to use Net-SNMP utilities such as SNMPGET on a Linux* console to retrieve data from the SNMP subagent on a server, copy the MIB files to the Linux* console, and run the command export MIBS=ALL from a terminal window to make the MIB information available to the utilities. Note that third party SNMP-based management clients may have specific requirements for MIB file location. Consult your client software documentation for any such configuration requirements.

MIB File Location On Windows* System:

The MIB files (basebrd7_v5.mib) are located in the same location the SNMP subagent is installed. The MIB files are not required by the Intel® SNMP Subagent for execution but are required for management applications that issue SNMP GET commands based on the MIB.

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