Intel® Killer™ DoubleShot™ Pro Setup and Use with Intel® Killer™ Control Center


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Intel® Killer™ DoubleShot™ Pro is a feature unique to the Intel Killer Networking products. To take advantage of Killer DoubleShot Pro, your system needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Two or more Intel Killer Ethernet or Intel Killer Wireless products installed on your system.
  • DoubleShot Pro option enabled in the Intel Killer Control Center.
  • Both Intel Killer adapters must have a valid/working Internet connection.
  • If one connection is wireless, the signal strength must remain greater than 60%. DoubleShot Pro is not recommended for weak wireless signals. Anything below 80% signal strength and you will see some speed and reliability degradation.

To enable the DoubleShot Pro feature, go to the Intel Killer Control Center, Settings tab. Click the checkbox next to Killer DoubleShot Pro.

Priority 1-5 traffic will be routed through your Ethernet adapter. Priority 6 traffic will be routed through your wireless adapter. If you have two Intel Killer Ethernet adapters or two Intel Killer Wireless adapters, the connections will be chosen arbitrarily.

You can view and make changes to the adapter/priority from the Intel Killer Control Center.

An open connection (such as a game session) cannot be re-routed on the fly. Thus, if a program’s network traffic is already going over the primary adapter, and you change the priority to another priority, the application must be restarted for it to start going over the correct adapter.

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