Updating the Intel® Killer™ Control Center In Microsoft Store*


Install & Setup



1. Open the Microsoft Store*. (You can do this from the Windows* menu or type Microsoft Store into the Search field.)

2. This is the Microsoft Store front page. Click on the three dots at the top right of your icon

example image

3. Click Downloads and Updates at the upper right.

example image

4. After you click Downloads and Updates, find the Killer Control Center and update it. The blue button Get updates on the top right will update your applications in this folder.

example image

5. If you cannot find Killer Control Center with the method above, click All owned on the top left of this image. In the All owned dropdown menu, find Sort by Name at the top right. Then look for Killer Control Center. If the Killer Control Center is not under All Owned, click the Contact support link in the blue banner below, so we can further assist.

Remember to restart after performing these steps. Then this should allow your OEM to update your device properly. This will keep your system running as if the Killer Control Center wasn’t there like your normal Driver Only solution.

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