Article ID: 000058627 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 03/30/2022

Encountered a Soft Fail in the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) after Installing an Intel® RAID Module RMS3CC080/040 on an Intel® Server Board S1200SP


Intel Server Board or System S1200SP family BMC version 1.18.12306 Intel RAID Module RMS3CC080/040


Procedure to update the BMC firmware to resolve soft fail issues.


You may experience either of the following symptoms when Intel® RAID Module RMS3CC080/040 is installed on a Intel® Server Board or System S1200SP family:

  • BMC status shows as soft fail
  • System fans are spinning up for a short period of time regularly
  • BMC LAN IP address is not accessible
  • System POST takes a long time

Follow below steps to update the system firmware:

  1. Shutdown the server system and remove the Intel® RAID Module RMS3CC080/040 from the system.
  2. Download Intel® Server Board S1200SP BIOS and Firmware Update Package version 03.01.5049 or later
  3. Extract the content to root of a USB drive with FAT32 file system and plug it to the S1200SP server
  4. Power on the system and boot to UEFI shell
  5. Run fs0: to change the prompt to the USB drive

    The 0 can be other numbers like fs1:, fs2: and so on depending on the storage devices installed.
    Use command map -r -b to identify the number as needed.

  6. Run startup.nsh
  7. Verify the firmware update is successful.
  8. Shutdown the server system and re-install the Intel® RAID Module RMS3CC080/040.