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How to Apply for an Intel® Resource and Documentation Center (RDC) and/or Intel® Developer Zone (DevZone) Account


Instructions for accessing online forms to request the access to RDC and DevZone and how long the application for Premier account can be accessed

  • How do I sign up for the appropriate account? What is the difference between Intel Developer Zone Standard and Premier accounts?
  • What is the status of my Developer Zone Premier application?

Apply to gain access to resources to developer programs, development tools, public and Intel Confidential documentation, and to tools you need for the design, development, and engineering of Intel®-based hardware solutions.

There are two types of access for customers: Standard and Premier

  1. Standard: Get immediate access to online tools, code, and technical public content/documentation, and to participate in support communities with Intel experts and industry peers.
    • Sign up for a Standard Account to discover new opportunities to help you develop, market, and sell your products. If you do not wish to create a CNDA with Intel, this is the account for you!
  2. Premier: Request access to Intel confidential content, pre-release information on upcoming products, advanced design tools, and support services to help with your project. A standard Corporate Non-Disclosure Agreement (CNDA) is required.
    • If your company has an active CNDA and an assigned Account Owner, Premier access will be granted within 3 business days.
    • If your company has an active CNDA but no assigned Account Owner, you may be converted from a general contact to a lead and then covered by Intel Inside Sales. Upon the review process, Premier access may be granted within 10 business days.
    • Request a Premier Account. The new registration form has the section to provide all the details of your account. Make sure to provide accurate information to easily find your account.


  • Personal emails cannot be accepted.
  • Email format should be see sample format below:

  • Special characters allowed in the email domain: [a-zA-Z0-9.\-_]
  • example image

    example image

If your application is still pending after the committed timing above, contact Intel Customer Support.

Once an account is created log in anytime.

  1. Customers and Partners, complete the username and password fields, then click Sign in.
  2. Intel employees, click the Sign in here link
    example image
Additional information

The Resource and Documentation Center and the Intel Developer Zone provide resources to:

  • Developer programs
  • Development tools
  • Public and Intel Confidential documentation
  • Developer training with live workshops, on-demand training, code walkthroughs, and more
  • Links to general computing topics and technologies
  • Links to communities and events and to some of our most popular support forums
  • A wide range of self-help resources



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