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How to Get Rid of a Solid Amber Light in the Front Panel


Intel® Server Board S2600TPR

OS Independent family


Cause of a front panel solid amber light on an Intel® Server Board S2600TPR


Intel® Server Board S2600TPR shows a solid amber light in the front panel

NoteInformation on this page is applicable for Intel® Server Board S2600TPR based on Intel® C612 Chipset, designed to support Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 V3/V4 family. Please check applicable products at the bottom of this page.
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System Status LED section, a table named System status LED states on the document named Technical Product Specification and Specification Update for the Intel® Server Board S2600TP and Intel® Compute Module HNS2600TP Families, specifically the document Intel® Server Board S2600TP Family refers to the following options as causing of the issue:

Fatal alarm – system has failed or shutdown:

  • CPU CATERR signal asserted
  • MSID mismatch detected (CATERR also asserts for this case).
  • CPU 1 is missing CPU Thermal Trip No power good – power fault
  • DIMM failure when there is only 1 DIMM present and hence no good memory present.
  • Runtime memory uncorrectable error in non-redundant mode.
  • DIMM Thermal Trip or equivalent SSB Thermal Trip or equivalent
  • CPU ERR2 signal asserted BMC/Video memory test failed. (Chassis ID shows blue/solid-on for this condition)
  • Both uBoot BMC firmware images are bad. (Chassis ID shows blue/solid-on for this condition)
  • 240VA fault

Fatal error in processor initialization:

  • Processor family not identical
  • Processor model is not identical
  • Processor core/thread counts are not identical
  • Processor cache size not identical
  • Unable to synchronize processor frequency
  • Unable to synchronize QPI link frequency
  • Uncorrectable memory error in a non-redundant mod
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