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Network Interface Controller (NIC) Teaming Provides Bad Performance


Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Does NIC Teaming increase performance for point-to-point connections?

  • Bad performance when teaming a NIC with the 82599 chipset using Windows® 10 pro.
  • Using the GigEVision protocol top transmit images from a camera via dual 10GigE to a PC.
  • Never achieve a bandwidth that is higher than using a single link.
  • The connection itself is less stable and since the data is transmitted via UDP we are suffering from severe data losses. 

NIC teaming does not increase performance for point to point connections, in fact it will decrease performance because of the additional overhead of the team. If a camera is connected to a switch that supports Static LAG, and then data is sent to multiple systems, then the overall bandwidth to those systems could be increased.

Stated on Teaming with Intel® Advanced Network Services that multiple destination works best for teaming.

Throughput is always higher to multiple addresses than to a single address, regardless of the number of adapters.

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