An Introduction to Drivers When Using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA)


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Note While Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) can detect and offer upgrades for many of the drivers and software that are available on Download Center, you may have an Intel product that isn’t supported by this tool. Before you use Intel® DSA, refer to this page to ensure that your product is compatible with Intel® DSA.

What is the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant?

The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant:

  • Easily identifies drivers installed by Intel and third-parties.
  • Scans for Intel driver and software updates as well as system and device information.
  • Provides integrated support and links to other support information.

What is a driver?

A device driver (or simply driver) is a software program that tells your computer how to communicate with a particular piece of hardware. An example of this hardware is a video card. Intel offers generic drivers.

What is a generic driver?

A generic driver is a basic driver version that isn't customized. Intel offers generic versions of Intel® drivers, but recommends using drivers from your computer manufacturer.

What is the difference between a generic driver and a computer manufacturer customized driver?

Intel offers generic versions of drivers while computer manufacturers:

  • May have pre-installed customized drivers with altered features.
  • May have verified these drivers for use with the devices on that particular system.
Note If you have a 6th Generation Intel® processor or higher, your computer manufacturer's customizations will remain intact after upgrading to an Intel® Graphics driver.


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