How to Configure Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 (Intel® ESRT2) Video


Install & Setup



The Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 (Intel® ESRT2) is an embedded RAID solution supported on select Intel® Server Boards. Refer to the Technical Product Specification to check if ESRT2 is supported on your Intel Server Board.

Watch the video below to learn how to configure and create an Intel ESRT2 RAID array in UEFI:

Note On Intel® Server Board and Intel® Server System S2600WF/ST/BP, ESRT2 is supported only in UEFI boot mode and on SATA controller (sSATA is not supported).

To install an operating system (OS) on an ESRT2 RAID array, you need to load the ESRT2 driver during OS installation:


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