New Setup Information File (INF) support for Intel® Wireless Drivers (Driver Package Version 21.90.X or Newer)


Install & Setup



The following information is intended for Information Technology (IT) Administrators or End Users installing the Intel(R) Wi-Fi package version 21.90.X or newer using either the  Setup Information file (INF) installation method or the regular installation method.

From the Wi-Fi release 21.90.X package onwards, there will be one INF file in the IT Administrator Links for Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software. This will support two different Wi-Fi drivers. The INF file (Netwtw08.INF) will provide installation support for two drivers (Netwtw08.sys and Netwtw10.sys).

This INF includes:
• Two different driver versions, two different firmware images (.DAT files),one .DLL, one .CAT file.

New INF Support:

New INF Support image

Depending on the Intel® Wireless adapter that is present in the system and the generation of the Intel platform (e.g. 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor), the correct Wi-Fi driver will get installed automatically when performing an INF installation or use the regular installation method.

Additionally, both drivers (Netwtw08.sys and Netwtw10.sys) will have the same Driver Version shown under Device Manager but the driver details will show different file names and file versions.


Example image

Refer to the IT Administrator Links for Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Release Notes and the Supported Products and Driver Version table for details.