ipmctl Diagnostics for Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory





This PDF article provides the ipmctl command management tool for use in diagnostics of Intel® Optane™ persistent memory (PMem).

The attached PDF document can be used as training material as well. Command-line diagnostic topics include:

  • What version Intel® Optane™ persistent memory Mgmt SW is installed?
  • Display help for IPMCTL commands, using namespaces as an example.
  • What are the total PMem memory resources, and what is the current configured mode?
  • What is the health of each Intel® Optane™ persistent memory?
  • What is the DIMM topology and population?
  • What is the total amount of memory currently mapped to each socket?
  • Which DIMMs make up each persistent memory region?
  • Which firmware version is loaded on Intel® Optane™ persistent memory?
  • What sensors are available on the Intel® Optane™ persistent memory modules?
  • Is the current PMem configuration valid?
  • How to run diagnostics on a specific PMem, such as DIMM ID 0x0001.

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Date: January 2020

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