TA-1145: Intel® ME Update Failure Is Reported on Intel® Server Board S2600BP when Using Intel® OFU to update SFUP





On Intel® Server Board S2600BP, the Intel® ME configuration file parsing error is reported when the Intel® OFU utility attempts to update the SFUP between R0013/14/15/16. BIOS and BMC may be updated
successfully, but SDR and Intel ME may or may not be. This issue can be seen with at least the following software and operating system versions:
• Intel OFU utility version 14.1 build 17 or version 14.1 build 19
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 7.5 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 12 SP3

Refer to the PDF for more details on root cause and workaround.

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Invocation of the ipmitool from the remote system requires extra parameters to connect to Intel® Server Systems that have BMC firmware v1.90 or later installed.

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Date: May 2019

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