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How to Clear the BIOS User Password and the Administrator Password on Intel® Server Systems


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Steps to clear BIOS User password and the Administrator password


How to reset the BIOS User password and the Administrator password


It is possible to erase the previous BIOS and User password by following the steps in the Password Clear Jumper Block section in the specific technical product specifications guide for each server board.

The Password Clear Jumper Block causes both the User password and the Administrator password to be cleared if they were set. The operator should be aware that this creates a security gap until passwords have been installed again through the <F2> BIOS Setup utility. This is the only method by which the Administrator and User passwords can be cleared unconditionally. Other than this jumper, passwords can only be set or cleared by changing them explicitly in BIOS Setup or by similar means. No method of resetting BIOS configuration settings to default values will affect either the Administrator or User passwords.

  1. Power down the server. For safety, unplug the power cord(s).
  2. Remove the system top cover.
  3. Move the Password Clear jumper from pins 1-2 (default) to pins 2-3 (password clear position).
  4. Re-install the system top cover and re-attach the power cords.
  5. Power up the server and access the <F2> BIOS Setup utility.
  6. Verify the password clear operation was successful by viewing the Error Manager screen. Two errors should be logged:
    • 5221 Passwords cleared by jumper
    • 5224 Password clear jumper is set
  7. Exit the BIOS Setup utility and power down the server. For safety, remove the AC power cords.
  8. Remove the system top cover and move the Password Clear jumper back to pins 1-2 (default).
  9. Re-install the system top cover and reattach the AC power cords.
  10. Power up the server.
  11. Strongly recommended:
    1. Boot into <F2> BIOS Setup immediately.
    2. Go to the Security tab and set the Administrator and User passwords if you intend to use BIOS password protection.

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