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When Will Intel Discontinue an Intel® Xeon® Processor?


Intel's product specifications page lists an Intel® Xeon® Processor's Status as Launched. There's no Product Change Notification document available regarding the processor's Product Discontinuance.


Information about discontinuance and "Embedded Options Available" feature for the Intel® Xeon® Processors.


Intel® Xeon® Processor's discontinuance date isn't known.


The discontinuance of an Intel® Xeon® Processor varies.

The Embedded Options Available feature indicates products that offer extended purchase availability for intelligent systems and embedded solutions. An Intel Xeon processor with Embedded Options Available will generally have a much longer availability after the processor's launch date than processors that don't have Embedded Options.

To check a processor's launch date and whether Embedded Options are available:

  1. Go to Intel's product specifications page
  2. Search and open the technical specifications for the processor that you are interested in. For example, search for Xeon Gold 6226.
  3. Check the Launch Date, which will list the quarter and year.
  4. Scroll down to the Supplemental Information section and check whether Embedded Options Available is Yes or No.
Notethis information is just a general guideline. Actual availability and discontinuance timeframes can change. Intel recommends checking Intel's product specifications page and also checking with your Intel sales representative for the latest information.

Intel product discontinuance will be communicated in the form of a Product Change Notification (PCN) document. PCN documents are posted to the Intel® Quality Document Management System (Intel® QDMS) website.