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How do I Determine why the Server Freezes After a Patch or Update?


Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family Intel® Server Board S2600BP Family  


Steps to determine the failure origin


Server requires a reboot/reset when it tries to reboot during a Cluster Aware Update. The server showing it's powered off or it's powered on, but there is no video signal in the remote Keyboard-Mouse-Video (KVM).


In order to determine the scope of the issue, it's necessary to revise the BIOS version and the Sysinfo log to discard any hardware failure.

To get the requested information for the Sysinfo log, follow these steps:

  1. Select your board.
  2. Download the System Information Retrieval Utility (Sysinfo).
  3. Unzip the folder, and copy the files to the USB root.
  4. Boot the Server into EFI shell by pressing F6.
  5. Once it's booted on EFI, digit the command fs0 then hit Enter.
  6. Use dir to see the files inside the USB drive.
  7. Use command cd UEFI to change to the UEFI folder, and then dir to see the files on the folder.
  8. There, use Sysinfo. EFI to retrieve the logs.
  9. The system will ask if you want to continue. Press Y to continue.
  10. At the end, the log files file will be on the root, which is the file needed.

If more information is needed, refer to the user guide:
User Guide for Intel System Information Retrieval Utility (Sysinfo)

After a physical revision and according to the results from the Sysinfo logs, Microsoft support has concluded the issue is with corrupt OS files.