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Choosing a Processor to Perform Digital Image and Video Processing Tasks


Intel® Core™ i5-8600K Processor GoPro Quick Edit


Recommendations on how to decide the best processor for digital image and video processing


Not sure which processor to choose to perform tasks relating to digital imaging and video processing.


This recommendation should come directly from the software developer. Because Intel provides a wide arrange of products for different needs, we recommend comparing Intel® Processors using the Product Specifications Page (ARK). To do this, capture the Intel® processor number to use for the comparison.

  1. Type the first processor number in the Search Specification box.
  2. Click Add to Compare.
  3. Type the second processor number in the Search Specification box (You can add multiple processors this way, up to 8).
  4. Click Add to Compare.
  5. View the comparison list by clicking the blue Compare box that should show the numbers of the processors to be compared.

In addition, check the following information about Digital Image and Video Processing tasks:

  1. Digital Image and Video Processing tasks  benefit from Multi-Core architecture, high clock speeds and as much L3 cache as possible.
  2. Graphics Processing Intel Unit (GPU) load is involved in image processing and can be either integrated GPU or discrete GPU.
  3. For these tasks, try using a processor that increases the speed and quality of the rest of the components, such as memory and GPU.

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