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How Do I Check If the Intel® Processor Is Authentic?


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How to find out if your Intel® processor is authentic as marked.


How do I know if my Intel® Processor is authentic as marked?


Unfortunately, sometimes Intel® processors are sold in certain markets and could have their markings altered. (This is also referred to as remarked).

To check if Intel® Processor is authentic as marked, follow the steps below:

  • If you have the Intel® Processor installed and running in the system, then you can use the IPDT (Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool) to check if the Intel Processor is genuine and the product name matches.
  • If you have the processor in hand (and not installed in a system) then you can use the processor’s markings numbers and run them through the warranty center to validate if you have the expected processor. You will need two numbers from the markings, batch number (FPO) located on the top of the processors and partial serial (ATPO) number located on the upper side of the processor. Refer to How to Check the Warranty Status of My Intel® Boxed Processor.

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