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Poor Performance in Windows® 10 UI and Chrome with Intel® Graphics HD 530


Laptops with 6th Generation or newer and Hybrid graphics Windows 10 64-bit RS3 and RS4

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Describes a slow performance issue in regular Windows animations on laptops with 4K screens.


Slow performance on Windows animations with the following actions:

  1. Opening up Task View on 4k always has reduced performance compared to full HD.
  2. Scrolling in list view of Windows explorer lags and maxes out GPU.
  3. Scrolling in some applications is unacceptably slow for a high-end system.
  4. Window animations of larger windows are less smooth than window animations of smaller windows.
  5. Random delays, quirks and rendering errors, particularly in Chrome.

These 4K performance issues are OS related and should be improved as the technology advances. Intel is approaching Microsoft to work together for future optimizations. See additional information for more details.

Additional information

Intel worked on this issue by matching tests done on Dell* hardware. While initially able to observe most of the issues reported, as the OS builds were progressively upgraded (RS3, RS4 and newer inside rings builds) the performance kept improving considerably, to the point that the issues are no longer seen. We're approaching Microsoft to work together for future optimizations but for now most of the work needs to be done from the OS first.

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