Troubleshooting Sleep and Wake Issues on Intel® NUC





If you're experiencing issues with sleep, hibernate, and wake on your Intel® NUC, we recommend you first:

BIOS and graphics drivers are available using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, this is especially helpful if you are unsure what system you have or the type of BIOS.
Refer to the table below for additional troubleshooting tips and useful information.

What are you seeing? Information / how to fix it
The Intel® NUC doesn't wake up when setting it to wake at a certain time, using the Wake System From S5 option in BIOS. Intel® NUC Doesn't Wake Up When Scheduled
System is unresponsive after it enters Standby Mode. Intel® NUC Can't Wake from Standby Mode in Windows*
Infrared remote control or USB device doesn't wake up the Intel NUC. Remote Control or USB Device Doesn't Wake Up the Intel® NUC
Wake-on-LAN doesn't work with ESXi installed on NUC8i7BE, NUC8i5BE, or NUC8i3BE. Wake-On-LAN is not working under ESXi with the Intel NUC8i[x]BE
System goes to sleep when it should not/ Need to disable sleep mode.

Adjust power and sleep settings in Windows*

Download the app "PowerToys" for Windows*

Screen resolution changes when waking from sleep Screen Resolution Changes when the Monitor Sleeps

If the system is waking unexpectedly, check How to use system tools to determine what is causing the Intel NUC system to wake.

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