Intel® Servers BIOS/Firmware Update How-to Video


Install & Setup




This video is based on Intel® C620 Series Chipsets, formerly Purley (Skylake-SP and Lewisburg). Please check Purley: Overview - Intel 

For Intel® Server BIOS information

What does this video cover?

This video is a step-by-step walk-through of the process of updating your Intel® Server Board and Intel® Server Systems from the embedded UEFI Shell.

For written instructions, visit the BIOS Update for Intel® Server Boards page.



Time Topics
:15 FW download information
1:45 Update BIOS and ME FW
2:30 Flashing FD
2:51 FRU SDR FW Update (option 3)
4:27 BIOS installation verification
4:41 Intel® One Boot Flash Update utility
5:14 End


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