Where to Find the Statement of Volatility for Intel® Core™ Processors


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What is a Statement of Volatility (SoV)?

A Statement or Letter of Volatility is a specification issued by device manufacturers. Its main function is to outline the volatile and non-volatile nature of the memory on the device. Users can refer to this to comply with security requirements and as a guide when handling the device.

Where to find Statement/Letter of Volatility for Intel® Core™ Processors:

This information is usually located within the Datasheet Volume 1. The datasheets can be found in the Intel® Core™ Processors Technical Resources page. They datasheets are also linked from the product specification page for the processors (ARK) under Supplemental Information/Datasheet.

Note The volatility statement in the current generations of Intel® Core™ Processors applies to all the previous generations of Intel® Core™ Processors.

Here is an example of Letter /Statement of Volatility for the 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor.

Letter /Statement of Volatility