TA-1144: Intel® Server S7200APR Product Family has Engineering Sample Labels on the Boards





What am I seeing?

Intel has recently discovered an issue in which an Engineering Sample label is present on production boards. The label is mounted on the underside of the boards and isn't visible to you without disassembly of the board from the compute module. The label (PBA J47221-251 or greater) that is visible on the top side of the board is the correct production label for Intel® Server Board S7200APR. Refer to this PDF for more details on the products affected:

TA-1144 (PDF) PDF icon
Intel® Server S7200APR Product Family has Engineering Sample labels on the boards.

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Date: February 2019

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Why am I seeing it?

Full root cause was determined to be a Build Of Material (BOM) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) error when the production boards were built.

Has this issue been fixed?

This error has been corrected and current production boards don't have the engineering sample label. The factory SOP has been updated to ensure that this mis-labeling doesn't occur in the future.

Do I need to do anything further?

As previously stated, the label is on the underside of the board and isn't visible to customers. As previously stated, the production label on the top side of the board is correct. Intel doesn't recommend any customer action for this issue. The information provided is For Your Information (FYI) only. The issue has no impact to form, fit, function, or performance to the production boards.