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How to Fix System Fan Speed Issues?


Intel® Server Board S1200SPL 4U Chassis (Pedestal) BIOS Version 01.02.0015



How to make the system fans on Intel® Server Board S1200SPL run at normal speed, not at the highest.


The system has been working for 2 and a half year, but the system fans suddenly started to run at the highest speed.


Chassis Intrusion Switch

Check if the chassis lid is properly installed, if the chassis has the "chassis intrusion switch", and the lid is open or not closed correctly. The fans are going to start running loudly as an alert.

Update the BIOS to the latest version.

If the version installed is several versions outdated, update gradually to avoid updating issues (follow instructions on the readme notes/release notes to verify installation requirements)

Download option in the URL below:

Intel® Server Board S1200SP BIOS and Firmware Update Package for EFI

Standard Update Procedure from the embedded EFI Shell

  1. Unzip package and copy all files to a folder in USB disk on key
  2. Insert USB disk on key to server / workstation USB port
  3. Boot Server to EFI shell
  4. Run command "map -r" in EFI shell to mount USB disk on key
  5. Run command "fs0:" to change folder to USB disk on key, USB key may also mount to fs1:. The number of "fs#" is dependent on the result of command "map -r"
  6. Change folder to the folder storing the firmware package
  7. Run command "startup.nsh" to start updating all the firmware and BIOS

!!Do NOT reboot or shut down power from your system during following software update!!

Please refer to the Readme/Release note in the download files that I shared to you previously in order to get additional information on the downloads, and installation process.

CMOS Clear

Clearing the CMOS often helps to fix this kind of issues, since it will restore the BIOS to its defaults.

Additional information

System fans are running at the highest RPMs, after a long period working fine.


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