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Getting Machine Boot Error with Windows*: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION


Linux* and Windows* operating systems


Troubleshooting tips for MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION error


Getting Machine Boot Error with Windows* Machine Check Exception (MCE)

NoteOn VMware* ESXI Operating Systems (OS), this is known as "Purple Screen of Death" (PSOD).

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error Machine Check Exception, appears when your system fails to load or recognize any installed hardware or software. These are the main things that may cause this error:

  • Problematic or incorrectly configured drivers
  • Missing or problematic system files
  • Security software

These are the main reasons behind this error, but there may be other causes that are not listed.

Troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem 

  • Remove recently installed drivers, software, or hardware: If you have added new hardware, you can disconnect it and run the PC. See if you still encounter the Machine Check Exception.
  • Check the hardware components of the system, such as memory.
    • Try a minimal set of hardware.
    • Test DRAM.
    • Try one memory stick at a time. Refer to the motherboard vendor manual for configuration 
  • Update Windows and drivers.
    • Run safe mode: When your PC opens, it loads many services during startup. Sometimes that may cause a conflict. You can boot into safe mode and remove recently installed drivers, programs, or Windows updates. If you need to update drivers, you can boot into safe mode with networking
  • Restore System if possible: This will transfer your PC’s environment to a previous stage when you did not face this problem.

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