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Unable to Boot Up My System Because Intel® Solid State Drive (Intel® SSD) is Crashing


Recommended troubleshooting actions to check and recover the Intel® SSD back to its normal state

  • System freezes and drive appears and disappears randomly, either from BIOS or from the operating system (OS).
  • Issue with Intel M.2 SSD installed in an Intel NUC as a boot drive with Windows* OS installed. After using the system for several months, the system won't boot into the OS and just shows black screen.
  • System restarts while booting to Windows, creating a booting loop.

When the system shows symptoms such as SSD intermittently detected, unable to boot, screen is blank, or there are messages like Boot device not found, there is likely a hardware issue with the SSD. However, the following actions can also be tried to fix the system and recover the SSD back to its normal state.

Consider these possible actions:

If the issue persists, contact Intel Customer Support.

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