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Troubleshooting Tips for Random System Crashes on an Intel® Boxed Processor


Windows* OS and Linux* OS with Intel Desktop Boxed Processors

Windows 11* Family, UNIX family*, Windows® 10 family


Troubleshooting steps to help with issues of system random crash, random freeze, crash, or lock-up.


Experiencing random freeze and crash when the system is working.


Intel Desktop Boxed Processors

Troubleshooting tips

The following troubleshooting tips might help in isolating the issue in self-built systems with Intel® Desktop Boxed processors.

  • Try to load the default BIOS setting in your system, or update the BIOS. Refer to the motherboard manufacturer for support with BIOS updates.
  • Update Windows*. Select Start > Settings > Windows Update.
  • Check for overheating issues. Make sure the thermal solution is compatible and installed properly. Refer to troubleshooting overheating issues.
  • Start the system in minimal configuration. Minimal configuration: motherboard, processor, power supply unit, and one DRAM module.
  • Check the power supply to ensure it is suitable for your self-built system.
  • Check for memory issues:
    • Try to have a sufficient amount of memory in your build system.
    • Try different memory sticks.
    • Make sure the memory is seated well.
  • Try another motherboard if possible.
  • Run CPU stress test for Windows* and Linux*.
  • Try to get a fresh image of the operating system.

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