TA-1131: System Throttling and System Event Log (SEL) Events Generated by the 2130W Power Supplies





TA-1131: System throttling and System Event Log (SEL) events generated by the 2130W Power Supplies (PDF) PDF icon

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  • The details of this Technical Advisory
  • The affected products and impacted products when connected to affected products
  • Updated root cause and where to get firmware that resolves the issue

Intel has received numerous reports from customers of unexpected and severe system CPU throttling on the identified products. The event is also coupled with a Power Supply Amber LED warning (1 Hz blink pattern) status generated by the event. A check of the System Event Log (SEL) shows a PSU Predictive Failure, an Over Temperature condition, or a SmART-CLST event.

This anomaly occurs only in systems and chassis configured with the 2130W Power Supplies. All 2130W PSUs and all versions of 2130W PSU firmware are susceptible to this issue. Systems configured with other Power Supplies are unaffected by this issue.

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Date: May 2018

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Intel recommends that customers impacted by this Technical Advisory implement the AC cycle and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)-based workaround. This workaround is pending the release of the new power supply unit (PSU) firmware. Expect the new PSU firmware to be released in the next platform release for the affected platforms. Contact your Intel Support representative for the details of release and schedule.