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Intel® RAID Controller Alarm Doesn't Stop Beeping After the RAID Group has been Reestablished to Optimal State


Following Intel® RAID Controllers based on the Input/Output (IO) Processor Model LSI2108  


Explanation why the alarm continues and troubleshooting steps resolve this issue.


After rebuilding a RAID group and reverting the hot spare drive to hot spare again, the Intel® RAID Controller keeps beeping as if there was an error, which indeed doesn't exist. RAID group and hot spare drive shows in optimal condition in both Intel® RAID BIOS Console and Intel® RAID Web Console 2 utility.


Follow the steps below. All data should be backed up consequently. See Planning for the Worst Case Shows the Importance of a Backup Solution for Recovering Data.

If a back-plane has empty slots and there's an available new drive, proceed as follows:


  1. Insert the new drive.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. From the RAID console, go into the properties of this new drive (with an Unconfigured Good status) and see if there's a Replace Missing Drive option. If so, select it. Selecting this option will trigger the Copy-Back procedure itself.
  4. Let the Copy-Back process finish.
  5. Reboot the system.

If these steps don't work, the RAID volume should be deleted (cleared). Then re-create the array without initializing. Otherwise, you'll need to initialize the RAID group and restore all data.

Additional information


  • This may occur after a drive failure and recovery, manual intervention changing the configuration, and/or reusing failed/removed drives.
  • If a drive that failed or was unexpectedly removed from a RAID group is reused on the same Intel® RAID Controller, the drive will be marked as bad (unconfigured bad) by the controller, which keeps physical disk fail history.



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