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"No matching driver could be found for device" Error when attempting to to restore a Bootable Volume via a System Recovery Disk


RAID Controller: ESRT2 (with RKSATA4R5) HDDs: RAID 5



Dealing with ESRT2 driver not being acceptable by a System Recovery Disk, such as Symantec* System Recovery 2013 R2 or Veritas* System Recovery 2016.


When attempting to restore a Windows-based bootable partition, the Recovery CD does load the RAID driver to the point of the volume being selectable as a target. However, when the restore starts and prompts for the storage driver, it just won't accept the Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II [Intel® ESRT2] driver. The message is:

"No matching driver could be found for device pci\ven_8086dev_1d6csubsys_35838086.devicedes Embedded Server Raid Technology II"

Irrespective of the Intel(R) ESRT2 driver, it does not match the Windows requested driver type.

Note: The RAID is optimal and works fine.


See to it the right ini file is loaded with the drivers.  Contact the Windows Server Back-up Image Recovery developer for more information.

The cause is not associated with the ESRT2 driver itself, but rather, with the way the recovery process tries to locate it. This is because the Recovery CD does load the driver, even to the point of the volume being selectable as target (click here* for more information). Thus, for more information, contact the Operating System developer.

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