Intel® Boxed and Tray Processor Warranty Policy


Warranty & RMA



Intel® Processors are sold as either tray or boxed.

  • Intel® Boxed Processor: From an Intel® Authorized Distributor. Intel® Boxed Processors are sold to end users. In general, most Intel® Boxed Processors carry a Three-Year limited warranty supported by Intel (Some carry One-Year limited warranty). The warranty eligibility starts on the original purchase date and doesn't reset if or when Intel provides a product replacement.

    Intel Boxed Processor

  • Tray processor: Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) processor. In general, tray processors are only sold to OEMs and not to end users. We work closely with companies such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, or Lenovo to produce optimized systems. We ship the processors to them, and they typically pre-install the processor. We refer to these processors as tray or OEM processors. For end users, Intel doesn't provide direct warranty support to tray processors except for Intel® Data Center Block (Intel® DCB). (See more about Intel® DCB.) Contact your OEM or reseller for warranty support.

    Tray processor

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