Warranty Policy for Intel® Boxed and Tray Processors


Warranty & RMA



Intel® Processors are sold as either tray or boxed. Refer to What Is the Difference Between Boxed and Tray Processors?

Warranty policy for Intel® Boxed Processor

Intel Boxed Processors typically carry a three-year limited warranty that can be fulfilled by Intel (some carry a one-year limited warranty). The warranty eligibility period starts on the original purchase date and doesn't reset if Intel provides a product replacement.

Warranty policy for Tray Processors

The warranty is provided at your place of purchase.

  • For Tray Processors, Intel generally offers a year-one limited warranty solely to direct customers such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Intel authorized distributors. Intel processors contained in OEM systems are subject to OEM manufacturer warranties and generally are not supported directly by Intel. Contact your OEM, or distributor for warranty support.
  • Starting with the 12th Generation Intel® Desktop tray processors, Intel’s limited warranty to direct customers (OEMs, and Intel authorized distributors) is extended to three years. The warranty is provided at your place of purchase. The three-year limited warranty does not apply to previous generations of the Desktop Intel Processors.
  • For resellers, integrators, and end users, the warranty is provided at your place of purchase.
  • Tray processors pre-installed in Intel® Data Center Systems (Intel® DCS) typically have a three-year limited warranty. Learn more in this product brief.
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