Differences Between Storage Command Line (StorCLI) and Command Line Tool 2 (CmdTool2)/MegaCLI


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CmdTool2 and StorCLI are both command-line utilities included in firmware. You can use them to:

  • Query the controller and attached devices for status. 
  • Update firmware.
  • Create/manage logical drive configuration.

The differences are in the command syntax itself. Refer to the manuals for these differences under the Related Topics.

CmdTool2 was the original utility and supported all controllers until around 2013. CmdTool2 was formerly known as MegaCLI.

StorCLI was introduced around the same time as the Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL080, and it's the preferred utility for RAID Products from 2013 and later.

For best results, run the latest version of the command-line utility from within the OS, rather than EFI* or UEFI*.

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