Noisy Fans Issue on Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family





What am I seeing?

I'm encountering a noisy fan issue. Fans are running at full speed on Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family installed in pedestal or rack chassis.


  • Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family
  • Intel® Server System R1304SPOSHBN, R1304SPOSHBNR, R1304SPOSHOR, R1304SPOSHORR, R1208SPOSHOR, and R1208SPOSHORR
  • Intel® Server Chassis P4000XXSFDR, P4304XXSFCN, and P4304XXSHCN

How to fix it.

  • Ensure that memory modules you use are supported and meet the requirements for the Intel® Server Board S1200SP.
  • Download the latest BIOS/firmware update package and review the step-by-step instructions and demo on how to run the update.
    • If the Sensor Data Record (SDR) update isn't run, the system usually doesn't know which fans and components to detect at which header. Not running this update causes alerts that raise the fan speed, especially on first system integrations. Applying the latest firmware usually quiets fans.
  • Ensure that:
    • The power supply is firmly set into the power supply bay.
    • The connector to the power supply is secure.
    • The power cords are properly attached to the AC outlet.
  • In case of using pedestal chassis, make sure the top cover is properly seated.
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